A Beginners Guide To Coconut Flour

Coconut flour? What is that? Is it like desiccated coconut?

This is often the excited and quizzical response I get when I introduce our coconut flour. So here is a basic introduction to coconut flour

What is coconut flour?

Coconut flour is made from the coconut pulp which has been extracted from coconut milk. It is gently dehydrated and dried at low temperatures and is finely milled into a soft, sweet-tasting flour with a heavenly aroma and a fine texture.

It is a by-product of the cold-pressed coconut oil making process and has to be done with great care to avoid rancidity.

It is not desiccated coconut which is full fat dehydrated coconut, is not milled and is of a coarse texture. Nor is it coconut powder (which is full fat and higher is carbohydrates than the flour)

So what makes coconut flour special?

Coconut flour is completely gluten-free and nut-free (though its from a ‘cocoNUT’) so it is a great alternative for people with gluten sensitivities and nut allergies.

It is extremely rich in fiber and makes for the perfect ingredient for persons on a ketogenic and paleo diet. Or generally trying to cut down carbs. It is rich in mono-saturated fat of omega 3 making it a healthy alternative for wheat.

How can coconut flour be used?

Coconut flour is very versatile in nature. Here are some of the top uses

Bake with it:

Coconut flour can be used in breads, cookies, cakes, pancakes and more. You need to substitute between ¼ to ½ of coconut flour. Add an equal amount of liquid (eggs, mashed bananas, apple sauce) for each portion used.

The easiest way to start using coconut flour is to make pancakes to understand the consistencies

Bread It:

You could coat chicken, fish and more with coconut flour, then bake or fry.

Health drinks and smoothies:

You can add 2 tsps. of coconut flour into your favourite smoothies and soups for a naturally thickening fiber boost.

Coconut flour is a new and different medium and will take some experimenting and getting used to but it is totally worth it for its flavour, texture and health benefits.

In our next blog, we will share the tips and tricks of experimenting with coconut flour.

Till next time, loads of #cocolove to you from Goa !

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